Elected by Centre members once a year at the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committee meets regularly to manage Centre funds and programs and arrange a series of events, such as organ recitals, educational workshops, choral music readings, pipe organ encounters for young people, organ crawls, anthem festivals, organist-clergy dinners, and other musical and social gatherings.

The following are our Executive Committee members.  Feel free to use the coordinates below to contact them.  RCCO members may log in at rcco.ca and then access a membership directory for contact information for those Executive members below, and other Centre members, for which no contact information is provided on this website.  If you are a Centre member and would like to get involved at the Executive level, let any Executive member know and they will put you in touch with the Nominating Committee.

Past President
Brad Mills  tel. 613-812-0871  email

currently vacant

currently vacant

Joan Egnatoff  tel. 613-634-3341  email

Fran Harkness  
tel. 613-549-7125  email

Membership Convenor
Joan Egnatoff  tel. 613-634-3341  email

Scholarship Secretary
Cathy Kelly  tel. 613-352-3334  email

Student Representative
Séamus Kelly

Newsletter Co-Editors
David Cameron  
tel. 613-549-7125  email
Fran Harkness  
tel. 613-549-7125  email

Brad Mills  tel. 613-812-0871  email

Website Editor
Jennifer Roche-Brown  tel. 343-363-5316  email

Professional Concerns
David Cameron  
tel. 613-549-7125  email

Centre Chaplain
Reverend Kris Michaelson  tel. 613-572-5650  email

School Liaison
David Rankine  tel. 613-483-4889  email

Members at Large
Robert Martin
Jeffrey Moellman
Brent Nuevo
Murray Rielly
Angela Stewart
Charlie Walker
Gavin Winston
RCCO Kingston Centre Executive, January 2019

RCCO Kingston Centre Executive, January 2019

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