Details about the above photos may be found in our Gallery below, in the captions of the images of some of the organs and consoles which are in the Kingston Centre area.  The photographers are indicated in the captions.  To submit a photo, contact the website editor.

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St. Mary's organ, by Taylor Photographics
St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario, by Taylor Photographics


Chalmers United Church, Kingston, Ontario, by Séamus Kelly


St. Thomas' console, by Matthieu Latreille

St. Thomas' facade, by Matthieu Latreille
St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, Belleville, Ontario, by Matthieu Latreille


St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Kingston, Ontario, by Rev. Kris Michaelson


St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Sydenham, Ontario, by Hans Behrmann


Bridge Street console, photographer unknown
Bridge Street United Church, Belleville, Ontario, photographer unknown


St. George's Organ and Choir Stalls, by Alan Wilkinson
St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario, by Alan Wilkinson


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